A leading supplier of disposable products to the Catering & Retail industry.

Who we are

Who we are

Catering Disposables is a first-generation, family-run Irish business that has been setting the standard for how catering suppliers operate since 1970. With innovation and integrity as core values, we’ve become recognised as an industry leader for all your catering disposables and hygiene needs.

At our modern site in Rathcoole, Co Dublin, we boast a best-in-class showroom, our own fleet, and a dedicated sales team. It’s these combining factors that help us to provide a rounded and efficient service from order to delivery.

A more personal approach to service.


What we stand over


Catering Disposables ensure that all our manufacturers and suppliers have the required quality and food safe certificates. Our Quality department also carries out regular onsite inspections. We will only work with manufacturers that have all the correct quality measures in place.


Our Delivery

Our fleet of vehicles deliver throughout Ireland, the UK, and Europe. We offer next day deliveries.

Our Delivery

Our service

Catering Disposables are consistently involved with the latest trends and food packaging innovations. We can source and develop food packaging solutions to fit perfectly with customer creative requirements and functionality.

Our service


The Facts

The Facts
  • 100K

    sq foot purpose built Building which can manage over 10,000 pallet spaces

  • 10k

    Pallet Spaces available with millions of products in storage

  • 15

    Fleet of 15 Delivery Vehicles delivering Monday to Friday Nationwide

  • 200

    We have over 200 suppliers  worldwide ensuring that no  product is ever out of reach


Customer Journey

Catering Disposables are consistently involved with the latest trends and food packaging innovations.


Why Catering Disposables

Why choose us

  • We are a leading supplier of disposables packaging, providing a comprehensive range of top-quality food service packaging products.
  • With over 1500 products from paper cups, plastic glasses, plastic cutlery, and paper plates to environmentally friendly.
  • We are committed to forming a partnership with you and have the know-how to support you on your journey.
  • We operate with a hands-on approach and view relationship management as key at all levels of the engagement team.
  • We do not supply directly to the end user. We support the Wholesaler and work with them to achieve the best results. This includes Pricing and Marketing support.

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