The EU is tackling single-use plastic items most commonly found on Europe’s beaches, and is promoting sustainable alternatives.

Single-use plastic products (SUPs), by definition, are used once, or for a short period of time, before being thrown away. The impacts of this waste on the environment can be drastic. Single-use plastic products are more likely to end up in our seas than reusable options.

Following the European Parliament’s approval of a new law banning single-use plastic items back in March of 2019, we have been proactively following the progress of this new directive to ensure that we are prepared for the changes ahead and are equipped to advise you on alternative solutions. 

Through the EU’s Directive on single-use plastics, different measures are being applied to different products. These measures are proportionate and tailored to get the most effective results, and also take into account if more sustainable alternatives are available.

The items being addressed by the Directive are

The directive, due to be implemented July 3rd, 2021 is going to affect all the stakeholders of the foodservice industry, including consumers. By understanding the specifics and the alternatives available, the impact can be minimised and the transition more seamless for the end-users.

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