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Catering Disposables Expands Eco-Friendly Range

Without a doubt, one of the main topics being discussed across the foodservice industry and the general media this year, is that of Eco-Friendly and Compostable products.  And the spotlight is firmly focused on single-use cups and their impact on the environment.   This hot topic started on the back of the popular BBC programme, Blue Planet 2, aired last December with Sir David Attenborough highlighting the impact of human activity on marine life.  Since then, consumers and retailers alike are conscious of the environment and the effect single-use disposable packaging has on it.  

  Valued at over €7.8bn (BordBia Nov 2017), the Foodservice Market has grown from strength to strength and, in particular, the Food-To-Go and Takeaway sectors have flourished the most.  Falling unemployment rates leading to increased disposable income, consumers leading busier lives and healthier takeaway options are just some of the factors that have led to the growth of these sectors.  To coincide with that growth, there has been a significant increase in the amount of disposable packaging being used.  It is estimated that up to 200 million single use cups are thrown away every year in Ireland.  

  On the flipside, the innovation in Eco-Friendly disposable packaging has grown momentum over the last 12 months.  Whilst compostable single-use cups, plates and containers made from sugar cane and compostable cutlery have been around for years, the industry has seen a huge shift in other products such as salad containers and straws changing from traditional plastic to PLA and paper.  This shift has predominately been consumer led with outlets being asked for eco-friendly packaging along with certain events and festivals banning the use of non-certified compostable packaging being served.   Such is the demand for eco-friendly disposables, that certain products could not be sourced as manufacturers struggled to keep up with demand.  We alone saw a growth of over 500% in Compostable cups from quarter 1 versus quarter 2 this year.  

  At Catering Disposables, we are passionate about packaging and providing our customers with the best products available.  As a leading supplier to the Wholesale and Foodservice sector, sustainability plays an important role when choosing what products to supply.  We are committed to doing our part to protect the environment, and with that in mind, have expanded our Greenspirit Range.  This range consists of catering disposable packaging made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources such as Ingeo PLA and Sugar Cane Fiber.  

  A lot of time has been spent on both researching environmentally friendly options and sourcing the best suppliers of these products.  As customers and consumers become increasingly aware of the effects of disposable packaging on the environment, we feel it is important to not only provide the best solutions but to also educate them on what they are buying and how to dispose of them.   With compostable solutions now widely available, we are a step closer to resolving this issue.  However, we still need to visit the issue of proper disposal of these products to ensure they end up in the proper waste facilities.

  We endeavour to grow this range by presenting you with upcoming advancements in this area.  Our existing range of Eco-Friendly products featured in our new brochure covers categories from Cups & Accessories, Glasses and Takeaway Containers to Cutlery and Straws but check in with us on a regular basis to see what new products are being added each month!    

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