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Christmas Disposables Checklist

With Christmas just around the corner, we have put together a list of essential disposable items to have your customers ready for the festive season.  As retailers and outlets are featuring Christmas products earlier each year, stock up now to avoid disappointment!   Glasses: Whether you’re hosting staff christmas drinks, a mulled wine reception for your book club or a cheese and wine evening for the neighbours, glasses are an essential item on everyone’s Christmas entertaining list.  Whilst the uses of wine and champagne glasses are self-explanatory, consider using half pint glasses to serve shorts, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.  Shot glasses are also ideal for serving samples of food and nibbles.  To view our range of disposables glassware, download our PDF here.  

Wine Gift Boxes Another must have for customers this festive season is a wine gift box.  One of the most popular sizes being the 2-bottle gift box. A great way to beautifully present wine as a gift.  With a secure handle for transporting, it makes it ideal for both personal and corporate gift giving.   Napkins  Napkins are one of the most used commodities around the Christmas holiday season.  With more uses than we can think of, napkins are used as a serving aid instead of plates, for mopping up spills and for covering plates and trays.  We have an extensive range of napkins ranging in sizes and colours to suit every colour theme. 

Cups While disposable cups are a commonplace product throughout the year, a Christmas theme cup will always stand out from the crowd.  With more uses than serving just coffee and hot chocolates, a double wall cup is ideal for festive mulled wine and Irish coffees.  Many high-street coffee chains design their own range of cups with much hype around the design.  If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, why not consider an off the shelf design that will be as equally eye-catching as your competitors.  

  Don’t forget to check out our new Christmas Cup and accompanying Napkin with its festive reindeer theme.    

Cake Cards & Cake Boxes Yet another range of disposable products that gains popularity pre-Christmas.  Cake cards and boxes are a must have for any bakery, deli or artisan café selling cakes or sweet treats.  A variety of options from cupcakes, tarts, donuts, pastries and traditional Christmas cakes can be displayed and served in these boxes with a multitude of sizes available. 

Download our Bakery Range flyer to view some of our most popular products within this range.     Once you are stocked up on all the essentials for the Christmas ahead, all that is left for you to do is relax and watch the pre-Christmas mayhem unfold.  For any products that are not featured here, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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