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Festival Ready Disposables!

With the weather finally taking a turn for the better and Spring well under way, many are looking ahead and starting to plan what festivals they’ll attend this Summer.  We may be a small country, but we have an array of festivals across the country featuring music, art and food happening every weekend of the Summer.  A plethora of websites and blogs are awash with the top festivals to attend, top tips on what to bring, what to wear and how to be festival ready. 

So, we’ve compiled a disposable packaging guide to have you stocked up and ready for festival traders.  Kicking off from May and running straight through to early September, here’s all you need to get the best out of Festival Season.

Glasses, Cups & Accessories: Probably the most essential disposable product on any festival traders list is glasses.  Whether serving beer, soft drinks, juices or smoothies, glasses in a variety of sizes is a must have.  A handy accompaniment for beverages-to-go is a 4 Cup Carrier to lighten the load.  Download our flyer on The Complete Glasses Solution from our website to ensure you have all options catered for.  Don’t forget to stock up on a Double Wall Cup, stirrers and sugar sachets for that much needed morning after coffee.

Takeaway Packaging: Hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, salads, fruit – festival food comes in many forms nowadays.  Encourage traders to opt for multi-functional packaging that will be flexible enough for serving a number of different foods to try and save space.   A Kraft Paperfood Tray works great for fries, nachos and noodle dishes but works equally well for a burger, salad or rice dish.  Similarly, Greaseproof Sheets are adaptable for wrapping burgers, sandwiches, paninis, kebabs, and cakes.  These products also tick the box for “Eco-Friendly only” events such as Bloom In The Park.  For more artisan style food outlets, our new Kraft Salad Bowls with clear lids are ideal to showcase more premium food to festival goers.

  Napkins & Cutlery: Another essential for food on the-go is cutlery, namely forks, and napkins.  We supply every napkin from economic 1ply right up to Linen Style in a variety of colours.   Again, if the event is strict on “Eco-Friendly only” products being used, we have fully compostable PLA and wooden cutlery on offer.

  Hygiene: Let’s face it, facilities at festivals tend to be fairly basic.  Almost every checklist for festival goers feature both hand sanitiser and toilet roll as essential items.  I don’t think we need to say anymore here!

  Refuse: After what should be a busy day for traders, a strong refuse sack is vital.  When under pressure and needing to keep their work area clear, a Heavy Duty Refuse Sack will help keep things in order without the risk of splitting or leaking.

Compostable: With the rise in awareness of the effects of disposable packaging on the environment, some festivals are converting to only allowing Biodegradable or Compostable products to be used at their event.  With that in mind, we can offer Eco-Friendly options on all product ranges mentioned above.   Lastly in the words of Mary Schmich “Wear Sunscreen” (but you won’t get that from us!)

  So, whether you’re in the vicinity of Forbidden Fruit, Electric Picnic, Fleadh Cèoil or Sea Sessions, we have the packaging solutions to ensure you offer only the best to festival traders.  Visit our Website: to download our Festival Flyer or call us today to speak with one of our Sales Team: 01 257 5250.

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