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Irish and their Coffee

There’s been a lot of media coverage recently of potential cup levies on disposable coffee cups and whilst we are at the forefront of these changes by ensuring we can offer our customers the eco-friendliest options available, we have decided to look at a different topic for a change – What’s in the cup!

  We all know that Ireland has experienced a Coffee boom over the last decade.  Historically, a nation of tea drinkers, our shift in hot beverage choices has led to over 30 variations of coffee being served in some coffee shops.  It isn’t that long ago that poor quality filtered coffee was the only post-dinner offering in most restaurants and every house in the country was happy to drink instant from a jar.  But thanks to both multi-national coffee chains and more recently, individually owned artisan coffee boutiques opening across the country, our palettes have become more refined and the average consumer will not accept anything but the best. 

  Having entered the “third wave” of coffee, where consumers’ preferences have become more sophisticated along with their willingness to pay more for premium coffee, it is no surprise that there are over 40 Coffee Roasters in Ireland today.  Considered an artisan product as opposed to just a basic commodity, the offer of premium quality coffee is just around the corner.  These roasters are passionate about their craft, ensuring their product is not only of the highest standard but ethically sourced to boot.  And not only is the coffee bean of choice pivotal in the perfect cup of coffee, but the accompanying milk has come under scrutiny of late.  As a result, soy, almond and oat milk are all commonplace options on today’s coffee shop menu.

  With Irish consumers becoming more health conscious, aware of their alcohol consumption and a new generation, namely Millennials, creating a trend of socialising in coffee houses as opposed to pubs, the future of Irish Coffee is bright.  2017 ended with the Coffee Shop and Café sector worth a healthy €424m to the Island of Ireland economy with predictions of a €520m worth by 2020.  It is no wonder that coffee is often referred to as “Black Gold”.

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