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A complete range of 1ply & 2ply napkins to cater for all your needs.  Logic8 napkins are made from 100% Virgin Material & FSC certified – economically priced but premium quality.  Super soft & highly absorbent napkins are ideal for coffee shops, restaurants & hotels. 
Unique packaging design for on shelf appeal.  Complete branded range available for consistency of quality.


Product Code Description Case Count
160002 Logic8 2ply 33cm 4fold white napkins 20 x 100`s
160003 Logic8 1ply 30cm 4fold white napkins 10 x 500's
L8N404 Logic8 2ply 40cm 4fold white napkins 20 x 100`s
2006660 Logic8 Cocktail Napkin 16 x 250's
L8DNOW Logic8 2ply Quilted Interfold Dispenser Napkin - One Time 24 x 250's
L8DNOW-D Logic8 Interfold Napkin Dispenser 1's
160007 Logic8 33cm 2ply 8fold White Lunch Napkin 20 x 100's
160008 Logic8 40cm 2ply 4fold White Dinner Napkin 20 x 100's
160009 Logic8 40cm 2ply 8fold White Dinner Napkin 20 x 100's

Logic8 Napkin
2ply napkins
1ply napkins
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