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3ply Satino Prestige White Toilet Paper (MT1)

The 3ply Satino Prestige 180m Toilet Paper Eco is a premium-quality toilet paper that combines softness, strength, and sustainability. It features a 3-ply thickness for enhanced comfort and durability. Made from eco-friendly materials, this toilet paper is an environmentally conscious choice. With a length of 180 meters, it offers long-lasting performance, reducing the frequency of restocking. Each case contains 8 packs, and each pack includes 8 rolls, providing a total of 64 rolls. The 3ply WEPA Prestige 180m Toilet Paper Eco is an excellent option for hotels, restaurants, offices, and other facilities that prioritize both quality and sustainability in their restroom amenities.

Product Details

1300143ply WEPA Prestige White Toilet Paper (MT1)


    I am kind to the environment when disposed correctly.

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