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With Irelands Foodservice Market currently valued at €7.8bn, one of the most interesting trends of the foodservice industry is the growth within the Takeaway sector.  As we take a closer look at the contributory factors to this development it is very evident that this sector will experience future growth through its innovation in how we see the local takeaway.  Historically identified as the local chipper, Chinese or well-known pizza chain, these days a takeaway comes in a more varied format. Falling unemployment rates lending to more disposable income has resulted in takeaway becoming more than a just one-off treat.  In conjunction with that, consumers are leading busier lives juggling work, commuting and family life, so for many, takeaway has become the solution for a hassle free and quick meal option. 

  According to research from DKM Economic Consultant, the 25-34 age group are predominant purchasers of takeaway food, with Dublin consumers accounting for more than half of the takeaway market.  The introduction of new foods available for takeaway and the prominence of healthy options is another contributing factor to the industry growth.  As consumers become increasingly conscious of nutritional content and the impact of food on their health, it is easy to see why franchises like Freshly Chopped are opening new branches on a regular basis.  To coincide with that, their multinational competitors such as Mc Donald’s have also, in recent times, diversified their menu offerings to include salads and healthy snacks for kids.  This has led to a transformation in the accompanying disposable packaging and was one of the reasons we introduced our Kraft salad bowl with clear lid earlier this year.  There is also a huge focus on eco-friendly products right now and there are plenty of options for the takeaway industry to “go green” with the Bagasse range as just one option.

  As more consumers become well-travelled and experience new cuisines, taste buds change and the demand for new flavours heightens.  Consequently, Asian food is featuring heavily across the takeaway sector.  However, its not just the traditional Chinese or Thai variant that’s enjoying this newfound fame – but Malaysian, Korean, Nepalese and even Vietnamese.  We have also seen a shift in the choice of packaging used in these ethnic food outlets – moving from traditional noodle boxes to soup containers with leak-proof lids.

  With advancements in digitalisation through online ordering and Apps, the convenience of ordering takeaway food has never been easier. Driven by consumers demands for food at their fingertips, companies such Just Eat are becoming more prevalent as a result and the home delivery service has yet to peak in Ireland.  Just-Eat are now in their 4th year of hosting the National Takeaway Awards to help recognise and reward the best in class in the industry – firmly putting takeaways on the map.  Parallel with this, we have sourced new and innovative packaging that is not only functional by keeping food hotter for longer, but is portable to aid in the delivery service.

  Branding has become very prominent with the increase in the number of coffee chains, juice bars and salad bars all designing their own logos.  Branding is part of their identity, helping them establish their presence in the market and makes them easily recognisable.  With social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat and the rise in vloggers promoting certain brands and products, it is a huge benefit to have a unique brand.  We have seen a huge increase in the number of our customers requesting branded products as this trend intensifies.

  As a leading supplier of takeaway and food-to-go packaging solutions, you will have no doubt encountered some of our packaging as part of your takeaway experience.  With an increase in high end restaurants and ethnic food operators now offering food-to-go and home delivery service, there is a greater need for premium, innovative and multi-functional packaging.  And with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have the perfect serving solution to accompany any takeaway meal.

  So, to conclude, I think it’s safe to say that the takeaway industry is reaping the rewards of the Irish Consumers eating habits and have quite an interesting future to look forward to in the coming years.

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